Plays The Millennial Blues

by Podacter

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released August 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Podacter New Jersey

Four jerks scattered across New Jersey, Philadelphia and Delaware playing lazy, drunk, apathetic punx tunes to left swipe to. We're here for your beer.

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Track Name: Living Infants
I don’t wanna lose myself inside this panic in my soul
I try to fix the bad chemicals in my brain with other chemicals
And if I’m in another state
Then you can bet I’ll always know
That deep down inside we’re all just sad and alone.
And I can get so low
But I’m no fucking baby
I can take it on the chin and shake it off
But the strain of all this weight on our shoulders gets so great
That sometimes you just wanna go insane

And all of the mistakes in a life time that I make are turning my
hair gray, I’m getting tired.
These insides will fade away one day
And the worms will have their feast
So I will just try to keep on livin’
Track Name: Absurdity in Everything
There’s poison in these streets
And on the tongues of all the people around me
Feels like I heard it all before
They crawl in my ears and build a home
There’s loneliness in this world so great
A deep dark mark on the back of our necks
Burned deep in our bodies
We wear them like a victory

Fuck my brain and lay them down to rest
All the shitty thoughts inside my head
They’re cold and hungry
For another piece of me
They say that life is one big joke
When you’re staring straight up from a 30 foot fall
I’m a puppet that sees the strings
The dullest man on the cinder

Absurdity in everything
It it’s all fucked then be the change
Past and future crash like waves
And I’m not sure of who I want to be
Cut the ties that hold tight to this borrowed time
Don’t let your heart grow cold
When the punchline hits
Track Name: Connections
I wanna stand as close to the edge as I can
I wanna breathe life back into these lungs
There’s a great leap forward that we can’t seem to make
I don’t wanna fall backwards

There are fault lines running through every face
Tear these walls down just to build them right back up
Kick rocks on a night like this
When life hands you lemons and pisses in the lemonade

Fail to find connections to the places that define
Who you are and where you plan on going
Recognize there’s a different path to take
Won’t walk alone or have to regret
A simple song to try and be supportive

I can’t seem to differentiate from a shit eating grin
Or a grin eating shit
Wanna leave all this pain behind us
It’s still inside us
Track Name: H8
Lately all I do is sleep
Feels like I’m drowning in a sea of sheets
It’s so easy to lose your footing
When you’re a no good hood getting closer to 30
Like a magnet, I’m not sure how it works
It seems the older I get the further it pulls
I was Kerouac and you were Cassady drinkin’
We walked this same road together
With no destination

And all my friends have got bachelor’s degrees or
Their girlfriends are pregnant with their first baby
While I sit on my ass just drinkin’
I binge on comic books, records and TV

I’ve got so much hate
Runnin’ deep in my veins
I’m just trying to find something
To make it all go away
Track Name: The Leaky Faucet of My Doom
We’re a pale blue dot
In the center of darkness
It’s a hard pill to swallow
To know you’re nothing and everything

And when we die I hope that our
Energy is distributed evenly

We all turn to dust and it settles beneath us
A flash in the pan in the vastness of space
I smoke ‘til I’m stupid and numb to the feeling
A beggar, a bum, just some cretin out on the street

Could say I’m down and out
Or just making mountains out of ant hills now
Time is a circle, it swallows us up
With the promise that we all can be someone
Track Name: Die, Yuppie Scum!
We were stumblin’ around the lower east side of Manhattan
When a crust punk came up to me and asked to bum a cigarette
I said, “Hey man, you’ve gotta be kidding me”
And then he smiled back and called me a yuppie

All I ever wanted was a shot in the arm
Or a kick in the ass to keep in time
To pick myself up and jump in line
Like a white elephant into the setting sun
I can’t seem to see my reflection
In the cars that pass in similar directions
I try to clear my head
A slow march to the end

They all stare at the abyss
Just bags of blood and dust and fear
Side by side in a transit hearse
Waiting for the dark to swallow us
Sometimes I sit and wonder if I’m the only one that’s tired
Slave away our days
We’re all going the same way
Track Name: I Still Get So Goddamn Low
Was there a fire burning words that you wanted to say
From the end of a cannon
Or was it the glow of a cellphone screen and
The pounding of a heart that tries to keep on beating
Tonight I’m goin’ down to the lake where we used to drink
Now it’s just me, Jimmy, Jack, and Evan
So young and carefree then
But now we have nothing in common

Somewhere I have lost the urge to keep
My devil down that hole
I still get so goddamn low

Maybe I’ll go into the woods just to write my songs
Or hit the skids with some fortified wine and a notebook
Embrace the clichés of bad poetry and
Grow out my hair like some fucking hippie

How can I just try to keep connections to
The life I wanna lead?
What comfort’s waiting there for me
Growing dull or living free?
Track Name: The Millennial Blues
Take everything you can
Swallow your entitlement and privilege
Play the millennial blues
For all the times that you can’t shake these feelings
It’s on your face
Like a fucking egg
Like a bad tattoo, a subtweet, or a dick pic sent at four in the

Eat coast wind, roll those waves on me
Carry me out to a salty sea
Cause I’ve been washed ashore for days
Just sit and rot ‘til the birds have had their fill
No hope, halo or harp for me
Just let me drift so far away
Track Name: Hard Dying Habits
I was born in a no name town that runs along the Delaware river
I’ve got all of these vices
And hard dyin’ habits
And I’m lose inside this daily routing and the half empty bombers
That we bought up the street
It’s hard to stand up taller
When the wind’s blowin’ through your bones
Track Name: Bastards and Bleeding Hearts
I was born in a no name town
That runs along the Delaware river
I was given my father’s name
The fourth in a line of German-Irish descendants
And there’s a constant sad reminder in all these smiles that I know
There’s an ugly side to livin’
It sinks down in the ground into the center of the earth

I can feel the wind blow through my bones
I get sick to my stomach walking through these streets alone

And these ghosts drag on for miles
They wrap around your legs and bite at your ankles
Some are bastards and bleedin’ hearts
If nostalgia doesn’t kill you first
They know where you are

And I don’t know how many motherfuckers will show up at my funeral
I just wanna own the biggest house
And strike the first match to burn it down
I’m more than the trash out on the street
I am the wolves
I am the beast
I am the loss of innocence
It stings at first but the wheel still spins