Wax Packs #7 - Podacter​/​Banquets

by Podacter

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split 7" with the almighty Banquets. released through Secret Audio Club's Wax Packs series!! be a bad ass and order a box here!!: www.secretaudioclub.com/products/waxpacks


released 10 January 2014



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Track Name: Dope and Potato Chips
this radio is gutless
the static rings out way too loud
and this black cloud is coming down
to try and rain shit all over our parade
sometimes it hurts
it hits fucking hard
we can stand up tall and not fall apart

and we're all just trying to find our way through familiar faces
but these country roads are all paved the same

i made a deal that the devil never could've made
we are not dead yet
we're all just dying
dying for just a little space to breathe
dying just to feel the autumn breeze

i'm just trying to breathe
Track Name: The Matthews Bridge
the moon is staring down at me
daring me to make a move
the fireflies and moths whisper to themselves
as i inch closer to the tomb
i don't feel much of anything
when everyone around me is losing red and turning grey

every day we grow a little bit older
days go by and the earth keeps spinning around
like cigarette smoke blown into the night
we fade away as we break our hearts

and the sunlight's beating down on me
through my shades while i'm trying to sleep
a box spring and a mattress seem more like a fucking coffin
days turn to weeks turn to months turn to years and years
and they say it gets better
but i'm stifled by this town and the lack of sound that it's producing